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archivo histórico catedral de burgos
Informatización y Catalogación del Archivo Histórico de la Catedral de Burgos.
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Search guidelines:
The search will be realized with a maximum limit of 500 years between the starting date and the finishing date. If you want a concrete date, you will have to feed in the data mentioned.
The search can be done on name (for onomastic searches, toponimics, institutions and other concepts), place of data (which corresponds to the place where it is dated in the document), position (offices and various) etc.
Should name and surname of a person be known, write the surname first followed by a comma and then, the name.

Luis de Acuña
- wrong -
Acuña, Luis
- right -

The references used in the documents belong to the different sections of the Archive that so far have been catalogued. These are as follows:

Registro (Acta Capitular)

Access to the web of the Burgos Cathedral

The copyright of this information belongs to the Chapter of the Cathedral of Burgos. No part of this information may be reproduced without the prior permission of the said holder.

This piece of information can be offered to all users because of an agreement signed between cajacírculo and the Chapter of the said Cathedral in 1994 to computerize and catalogue the Historical Archive of the Cathedral of Burgos. The investment reached the amount of 1,035,461.71 ? so far. The work mentioned above is being carried out by a team of investigators, History and Geography graduates who specialized in Palaeography and diplomatics, conducted by Mr. Matías Vicario, the Chapter Archivist. As a result of this commitment, 126,853 index cards that belong to the "Volumes" and "Books" sections of the Historical Archive of the Cathedral of Burgos and registers up to the 17th. century also included, are made available at your disposal.

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